Reduce Data Management Cost with Moxa’s Efficient 4-in-1 Remote I/O Solution

Posted on November 13th, 2015

Brea, California, January 20, 2015—Moxa is pleased to announce the release of an efficient 4-in-1 data acquisition solution, the Moxa ioLogik 2500 series, which integrates I/O functionality, an Ethernet switch, serial/Modbus connectivity, and 32 GB of data logging into a single remote I/O device. With the ioLogik 2500, engineers can enjoy a powerful new tool for reducing overall system cost and complexity, while increasing data acquisition efficiency and accuracy. This integrated 4-in-1 remote I/O solution reduces the required numbers of components and connections, and eliminates the need for extensive rewiring.

“Because of the challenges customers face when transitioning to a network configuration for which reliability and production efficiency are key requirements, we focused on developing an integrated, more rugged, and easy-to-use device,” said Johnny Wang, product manager of Moxa’s data acquisition division. “With this 4-in-1 remote I/O solution, we’ve reduced system complexity, the amount of space required, as well as installation time. And to address the many challenges customers face, the ioLogik 2500 provides both a wired and wireless remote I/O total solution, just when the market needs this kind of versatility the most.”

The ioLogik 2500 uses a unique I/O expansion design that lets you connect more than 100 different I/O channels under a single IP address to ensure efficient data acquisition at a lower cost. In addition, the new Click&Go Plus™ control logic supports up to 48 rules with further upgrades to 8 conditions/actions, and the powerful IOxpress configuration tool can be used for offline/online configuration, allowing you to configure every I/O parameter offline and then upload the settings to online devices, dramatically reducing the time and cost needed to manage and configure your I/O system.

“We designed this 4-in-1 remote I/O device based on customer feedback, making it compact, intelligent, and easy-to-use. Its integrated hardware flexibility and innovative software make it an ideal choice for meeting the evolving requirements of big data management,” said Jacky Wu, R&D manager of Moxa’s data acquisition team. “By leveraging the latest MX-AOPC UA software suite, our customers can facilitate an efficient yet seamless SCADA device data management system to enable easy monitoring—anywhere, anytime.”

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