About Schneider Electric TRSS


Telemetry and SCADA systems allow you to monitor and control field operations across a widely dispersed infrastructure. From simple reservoir level measurement to well pad optimisation integrated with ERP, these systems are constantly challenged by emerging regulations, rapid technology change and industrial trends.

Schneider Electric helps you face remote operation challenges with integrated, secure and reliable end-to-end Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions.

Leveraging a proven track record in a wide range of industries and expertise in the areas of instrumentation, control and data acquisition, wireless communication and IT, Schneider Electric, Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions can help make the most of your remote operations and assets.

The history of Control Microsystems

Control Microsystems, now Schneider Electric, is a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of hardware and software for infrastructure automation, remote monitoring and control, and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

Control Microsystems was founded in 1980 as a developer and manufacturer of microprocessor-controlled hardware products for the automation industry.

The TeleSAFE 6000 programmable Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) was launched in 1987 and became the platform of choice for utilities in Canada due to its reliability, ease of deployment and ease of programming. In 1992, the TeleSAFE 6000-16EX was introduced, the world’s first open-platform intelligent RTU for telemetry applications. As the product line evolved, Control Microsystems recognized the need for reduced power consumption and condensed I/O and launched the SCADAPack PLC/RTU in 1997. This new product securely positioned the company as a market leader and preferred brand for telemetry and remote SCADA customers.

As utility industries began facing critical challenges such as increasing operational costs, maintaining reliable process data across geographically-dispersed field operations, and complying with stringent safety and environmental regulations, Control Microsystems brought on board two new product categories. ClearSCADA Enterprise Software was introduced in 2005 to help operators monitor and manage their remote assets and provide valuable insights, trends and consolidated business reports. In 2008, Accutech Wireless Instrumentation was introduced, featuring uniquely designed, battery-powered, Class 1 Div 1 hazardous area field units.

Control Microsystems has continued to grow in the oil and gas and water/wastewater markets with the development of innovative solutions for electronic flow measurement, well production optimization, and pump station control.

In 2010, Control Microsystems products, services, and solutions migrated to the Schneider Electric brand as its Telemetry & Remote SCADA Solutions offer.