AVEVA HMI/SCADA Software for the connected enterprise

Organizations from many different industries choose AVEVA HMI and supervisory control solutions because they satisfy the concerns of plant management, engineering, production and IT staff alike.

AVEVA SCADA HMI software enables operational excellence across all industries, empowering customers with better insight into the economics of their operations, the basis for real-time performance management.
Unlike many HMI providers, AVEVA is hardware agnostic; that is, it is not tied to specific hardware. We work with all DCS, PLCs and RTUs from Modicon, Allen-Bradley, Emerson, Foxboro, GE, Siemens and hundreds of others. And as the IIoT blossoms, we remain committed to facilitating your interaction with anything else you might need to succeed.

InTouch Access Anywhere extension provides remote access via HTML5-compliant web browsers to enable enterprise-wide visualization, collaboration and execution, with zero client installation and zero maintenance. Troubleshoot plant equipment securely, from any location, on any device at any time.
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Highly intuitive visual content, advanced HMI applications and intelligent user interfaces enforce standardization, consistency, situational awareness and abnormal situation management.

Within regulated and validated industries, InTouch applications help you meet the most stringent security requirements such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Standardized, pre-tested graphics and automatic I/O switching allow application changes to be made quickly and safely.

Operators quickly absorb changes to standardized InTouch applications — helping to reduce operating errors and shorten learning curves.


Powerful, intelligent graphics and face plates provide context to data, enabling faster analysis and improved operator effectiveness.

Element Styles options ensure a consistent standardized HMI look and feel across your organization regardless of when or by whom it was designed.

Symbol Wizards enable maximum flexibility and standardization while minimizing application assembly and maintenance effort.
Support for Microsoft integrated security, Active Directory and Smart Card technology assures state of the art protection.

Support for the latest Microsoft and VMware virtualization technologies minimizes downtime and keeps you in control.

Support for legacy versions ensures that applications created decades ago are still usable with today’s InTouch.
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